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May 01, 2023

The 10 Best Beach Chairs of 2023

Our list includes picks with built-in shade support, a spot to stash your sip,

Our list includes picks with built-in shade support, a spot to stash your sip, and designs geared toward little loungers.

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Do us a favor and picture your perfect beach day for a moment — what comes to mind? The sun is probably shining, the waves are crashing, and there's a gentle cool breeze that keeps the temperatures at a comfortable 76 degrees. There's just one thing missing (besides a frosty beverage in your hand): the perfect perch. When it comes to finding the best beach chair, you need a Goldilocks-like combination of versatility, portability, and affordability — and we’ve found picks that encompass just that.

From easy-to-tote picks that can be carried just like a backpack to chairs outfitted with a canopy to keep you cool and protected from the sun, we’ve tested numerous top-rated styles to compile a foolproof list of the best beach chairs for any budget and lounge style. Check out our favorites below, pack up the cooler, and get ready to enjoy your next trip to the coast.


Pros: The headrest on this chair can be easily adjusted or removed if it impedes your lounging. This chair also folds into a backpack, which makes transportation easier.

Cons: The nylon cup holder on this chair isn't super deep, so larger water bottles may topple out.

This beach chair from Homevative does it all — and does it well — so it was a no-brainer for the top slot on our list of best beach chairs. With a roomy 19-inch seat width, durable aluminum frame, insulated cooler pouch, adjustable headrest, and backpack-style carry, this do-it-all design checked every box on our wishlist.

During testing, we loved this chair's ample storage details, like the convenient zippered pouch for items that need protection, a cooler pouch that can hold ice and drinks, a cup holder, and an additional velcro pocket sized perfectly to fit a phone. We also appreciated the chair's ability to lay flat, which is great for loungers who want to sneak in a quick horizontal snooze but hate laying directly on the sand.

Price at time of publish: $70


Pros: Kijaro's chair comes with a water-resistant detachable organizer, so you can easily bring your valuables with you if you decide to go for a walk down the beach.

Cons: This chair is on the larger side when folded up, so it may not be suitable for quick trips or leaving in the car long-term.

During our tests, we could not say enough good things about how comfortable Kijaro's folding sling chair is. We think this is the type of chair you'll want to keep around for decades. The secret sauce lies in the design's unique and thoughtful features, like a breathable mesh backrest that promotes ample flow (and less sweat) and a padded headrest that can be removed or adjusted as needed.

The chair also has not one but two cupholders, so you can sip water and your favorite beach beverage at the same time. The left arm touts a hidden cooler compartment big enough for stashing a few cans or bottles. When not in use, the whole frame folds vertically and can be carried around in the included bag.

Price at time of publish: $44


Pros: Ostrich's chair includes a detachable lumbar pillow so you can add an extra bit of padding if you need it.

Cons: This chair is on the pricier side and may not be a worthwhile investment if you only head to the beach or lake occasionally.

If you consider yourself a pro-beach-goer and are on the hunt for the best beach chair to keep pace with your lounge-worthy lifestyle, look no further than this impressive design from Ostrich. The smart elements on this chair are numerous, from the three-position footrest and five-position recline that combine into an epic 15 different configurations, to the extra wide armrests that will tee you up perfectly for reading.

The best part? This design is expertly geared toward making face-down lounging comfortable, with a cushioned face cavity (similar to a massage table) and roomy arm holes that allow you to lie on your stomach in comfort. All these bells and whistles won't come at the cost of your back, either. During testing, we noted just how easy this chair was to carry to and from the beach, also noting that moving from position to position was seamless and easy.

Price at time of publish: $139


Pros: We love how easy this beach chair is to wipe clean after use, making it a great option for messier camping trips, outdoor sporting events, and other adventures.

Cons: Rio's chair has one of the lowest weight capacities on our list, so it may not be sturdy enough for some users.

One of the most recognizable beach chairs on the market, this Rio backpack design is a classic for good reason. Designed with versatility at the forefront, it can flex seamlessly between four different recline positions and is lightweight enough to be easily carried down even the most sprawling beach boardwalks.

During testing, we gave this design high marks for durability and comfort, noting the plush neck pillow that makes relaxing and reading super easy. With an 11-inch seat height, it's a great middle-of-the-road option that will suit tall and short users alike.

Price at time of publish: $58


Pros: The thick all-terrain wheels on this two-for-one design are adept at navigating through deep, soft sand. Translation: You’ll never find yourself stranded on the shore again.

Cons: Due to its flexible nature, this chair offers little in the way of padding and is not as plush as some of the other picks on our list.

You know the saying, "Necessity is the mother of all invention"? Well, this genius chair proves just that, combining a comfortable chaise lounger with a handy wagon design for the ultimate in on-the-go convenience. Use it to recline under the sun then, when you’re ready to pack up for the day, fold it into a roomy pull-cart style wagon to easily tote all the rest of your beach gear back up to the car or house.

During testing, we were blown away by how easy it was to roll this cart around. Even with the wagon loaded with all of our beach supplies — a cooler, umbrella, and four other chairs — it was light as a feather on the street, though a bit more cumbersome on the sand. Overall, we were very impressed. The one downfall we found? This design doesn't have cup holders, so you’ll need to find another way to keep your morning cold brew out of the sand.

Price at time of publish: $118


Pros: The sunshade on this chair provides UPF 50+ sun protection and adjusts forwards and backward to help chase the rays.

Cons: If you’re at the beach on a particularly windy day, the attached sun canopy can cause the chair to take flight. Someone should always be sitting in it or the sunshade should be removed when the chair is not in use (and not folded).

If you haven't already been told by your dermatologist, your mother, and your next-door neighbor, sun protection is very important. While soaking up some Vitamin D is great, you should always head to the beach or park with several forms of sun protection, including sunscreen and shade coverage.

This convenient beach chair makes that second necessity easy to achieve, thanks to a flexible sunshade that moved both forward and backward to chase the sun from morning to evening. It has other convenient features, too, like four reclining positions, a cup holder on the right armrest, a back storage pouch, and backpack-style straps for easy carrying.

Price at time of publish: $72


Pros: This chair touts two large back pockets; one is insulated for drinks, while the other is ideal for stashing a hat, extra sunscreen, an e-reader, and more.

Cons: We noted that this chair was a bit difficult to open one-handed, so you may need to put down your other beach gear before setting it up.

A day spent at the beach (and under the sun) calls for a few things — namely, sunscreen and a lot of liquids. Ensure your water stays cold and your beer stays frosty with this Tommy Bahama design. It features an insulated cooler pouch, as well as an extra-roomy cup holder on the right arm, both of which put hydration at the forefront.

During our tests, we loved how the padded backpack straps added a layer of comfort, allowing us to easily carry the chair several blocks to the subway (and to Rockaway Beach) without any aches. The chair itself reclines through five positions, including a completely flat, which is great if you’re someone who prefers to take their mid-day siesta laying down.

Price at time of publish: $73


Pros: KingCamp's chair is made with a breathable mesh panel at the back, which will cut down on trapped heat and keep you cool as you sit.

Cons: This chair is designed with sloped armrests instead of the traditional flat design, which may lead to arm strain if you try to read for long periods.

While many of the chair designs on this list are geared towards beach use, sandy shores certainly aren't the only spot these seats will come in handy. If you’re planning a trek to a music venue, sporting event, or even campsite, you’re going to want a chair that is lightweight and easy to carry long distances. Enter KingCamp's Low Folding Beach Chair, which weighs in at a modest 6.6 pounds.

In our tests, we found this chair to be super lightweight, but also super sturdy, and we especially liked how easy it was to carry and pack in the bag provided. Additionally, the low-profile chair sits just 8 inches off the ground, making it super easy to stretch out your legs and get comfortable.

Price at time of publish: $73


Pros: This chair is designed with wide "no sink" feet that resemble a disk and prevent the already-low chair from sinking into the sand even further.

Cons: While designed with a slight angle at the back, this beach chair does not recline.

If you want to feel at one with the sand — without, you know, actually sitting in the sand — the Strongback Low Gravity Beach Chair is the best beach chair for you. The low profile design hovers just 7 inches over the ground, allowing you to enjoy the lapping of the waves or your toes in the lake without much extra room between you and the earth.

That's not even the best part, though. This chair is specifically designed for anyone who experiences lower back pain — especially after lounging on the beach for several days in a row — and features an integrated lumbar support system built right into the frame. It provides a gentle-yet-supportive slope at the base of the chair back, which will intuitively correct your posture and lead to fewer aches and pains.

Price at time of publish: $90


Pros: This chair transitions seamlessly from the baby years to the toddler years, so you know you’re making an investment that can grow with your family.

Cons: While the provided sun canopy does keep your child in the shade, it is not rated for protection from harmful UV rays.

Keeping kiddos protected from the sun — and in your sightline — is of peak importance during any beach trip, which is why you need this clever chair on your team. Designed for use from the age of 3 months and up (to 75 pounds), Baby Delight's Go With Me Chair has ample safety features, like a sturdy flared base and five-point harness, as well as kid-friendly add-ons, like a removable snack tray and sun canopy.

Use the chair in seated mode or uncover the optional leg holes to allow your little one to stand and feel the sand between their toes.

Price at time of publish: $60

To make our selects, we used both real-world testing insights and thorough market research. We tested 26 beach chairs in a real-world setting and researched dozens of popular, top-rated models. For the picks we tested in a real-world setting, we brought each chair to the beach to evaluate its portability, comfort, ease of use, and durability. We also brought the chairs along with us for various activities, from picnics to lounging.

During our tests, we paid close attention to the weight and design of each chair, noting how easy or difficult the chair was to pack up and carry, how easy or difficult the chair was to unfold, and how easy or difficult the chair was to adjust into a reclining position. To test each chair's comfort, we also sat in each chair for at least one consecutive hour. In both our testing and research, we also considered special features and accessories, like sun-protecting canopies, coolers, carrying cases, and cupholders.

When it comes to choosing the best beach chair for your lifestyle, it's a good idea to consider a chair's material as you shop. The designs that made our list are generally made from some combination of nylon or polyester, though several of them incorporated mesh panels for added comfort, which we loved. Ultimately, you want to shop for a beach chair made from a durable material, that won't overheat under the sun and can be easily hosed down after a messy day in the sand.

The idea of toting a heavy beach chair several hundred yards on hot sand makes our whole body ache, which is why portability was of peak importance when compiling our list of the best beach chairs. At a minimum, the chairs on our list had to either come with their carrying bag or be easily toted using integrated backpack straps. Weight and size are also important factors when examining how portable a design is, so we paid close attention to how much overall bulk a chair added to the equation, and how easy it was to carry while also juggling other items (like towels, backpacks, and coolers).

The height of your beach chair is one of those things that (mostly) comes down to personal preference and comfort. Some loungers prefer to be raised off the ground enough to allow their legs to bend at a 90-degree angle at the knees; others like to keep a low profile so they can easily stretch out their legs in the sand. Pay close attention to seat height as you browse our list of best beach chairs and shop with your needs in mind. Most designs included on our list range from 8 to 12 inches high, though a few fall on the higher or lower end of that spectrum, so if you need a certain height to stand up comfortably without risking knee pain, it's possible to find.

Special features can encompass everything from an adjustable headrest to double cup holders. Many of the picks on our best list include such notable additions, like the Tommy Bahama perch that boasts ample cooler space or the Ostrich design that takes the lead from massage tables and features a face cut out for stomach loungers. Think about how you prefer to exist at the beach, lake, or park — and whether you need a spot for your Kindle or a place to keep a wet frisbee for your pup — and look for a chair whose features fulfill your unique needs.

The best beach chairs are ones that are sturdy, comfortable, and easy to carry. You want to shop for a design that allows you to lounge in a way that's natural to you — whether that's on your belly or upright — and provides you with modern conveniences (think: cup holders and coolers) that will make a day in the great outdoors more enjoyable.

Quality beach chairs are almost always made of metal, with aluminum being among the most popular material choice. While steel is incredibly sturdy, it is much heavier to carry, especially in comparison to aluminum. Additionally, aluminum is more resistant to saltwater than steel, and will therefore be slower to rust or show signs of age.

The best defense against a rusty beach chair is keeping it as clean and dry as possible. At the end of a beach day, give your chair a good rinse to remove any debris or excess sand. Allow it to dry unfolded in the sun completely before folding it up and storing it somewhere out of the elements (including humidity, if possible), like a garage. The occasional application of WD-40 can also keep your aluminum chairs from rusting.

Generally, beach chairs can be kept clean by simply hosing them off after each use. However, if you spill food or a drink on your beach chair and need to clean it more thoroughly, you can spot-treat it with a bit of mild dish soap and warm water. Always check the manufacturer's instructions before utilizing any other in-depth cleaning method, such as a stain stick or other laundry product.

Store your beach chairs in a clean and dry area where they will not be subjected to excessive moisture or humidity. It's also a good idea to keep your chairs out of the sun when not in use, as too many rays can prematurely age the fabric.

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