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Jan 15, 2024

FlexiSpot Ergonomic Office Chair Pro OC14 Review

Gaming chairs aren't always the best option for hard-working gamers. Discover if

Gaming chairs aren't always the best option for hard-working gamers. Discover if the FlexiSpot Ergonomic Office Chair Pro is a worthy alternative.

Just as we spend our nights resting on mattresses, many gamers spend the bulk of their days sitting in chairs. Nevertheless, these essential pieces of furniture are often overlooked in favor of spending money on the latest graphics cards and CPUs. The rise of gaming chairs from brands like Secretlab and Razer has brought more attention to these chairs, but not everyone is a fan of their racing-inspired styling. Fortunately, office chairs which often fit in well in gaming rooms have also become more advanced - stressing build quality, adjustability, and ergonomic qualities.

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FlexiSpot is one company that has introduced reasonably-priced ergonomic chairs that any buyer who does more than game should consider. Recently, we had a chance to test out one of their more popular chairs which promises unmatched breathability with a mesh-dominated design. The FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro also features 3D armrests, a lockable reclining seat back, and a seat pan that can slide to accommodate a wide variety of users. Let's find out what the Ergonomic Chair Pro offers buyers looking for a modern and sophisticated alternative to gaming chairs.

The FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro OC14 is designed with a refined seat structure and ergonomic features to deliver a comfortable and luxurious seating experience. Its back frame combines PU soft plastic and hard plastic, allowing the chair to automatically adjust the back support based on the user's body weight.The seat of the OC14 can be adjusted to accommodate users of different weights and heights, offering ideal support and seamlessly conforming to the individual's body. Additionally, this chair boasts a novel armrest design and incorporates handrail elevation controls.

As is typical with gaming and office chairs, the FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro arrived in a fairly massive box with some straps to help carry it. With the chair weighing in at around 45 lbs, the package was heavy, but lighter than some other premium chairs we've assembled in the past.

It was a little surprising to see the chair parts organized in a haphazard fashion in the box, but they were protected with enough cardboard and foam to avoid damage. We separated the heavier parts of the chair like the tilt mechanism and wheelbase and before transporting them. After that, the seat back, seat pan, and other essential parts of the FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro were easy to move. The components all arrived in excellent condition, other than some stray pieces of fabric scattered on the seat cushion.

Overall, assembling the FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro was a fairly straightforward process. The trouble spots for any chair assembly include affixing the armrests in the wrong direction. The included instructions were very basic with black and white pictures not especially clear in terms of how to orientate the direction of parts. Still, if you have just enough brain power to visualize what the chair will look like in its full form, then you can avoid wasting some time.

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The various bolts and screws were lumped together in a single bag which at first was concerning. However, each step of the installation called for a unique number of screws, so it was simple enough to figure out which ones to use. With a super-heavy chair, lining up the screw holes of backrest and the seat pan in order to connect the two parts can be challenging. In this case, even without help, assembly of the chair wasn't too much of a struggle and the entire ordeal only took around 15–20 minutes.

The FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro doesn't shock buyers with a revolutionary design but relies on the same basic construction of office chairs as the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro. Normally, the chair is available in red, black, gray, and light blue, but just before and during the time we reviewed the chair, only red was in stock. Admittedly, won't be everyone's first choice, many will have a preference for a black or gray that better matches their gaming desk and peripherals. However, if you have wood-colored furniture near the chair, this color choice would complement them well.

Mesh is the prevailing theme of the Ergonomic Chair Pro. The advantage of this type of fabric is breathability, and as summer is approaching, the less buildup of body heat the better. The same highly elastic material is stretched around the seat pan, seat back, and headrest. On the side of the chair, the 3D Armrests of the Ergonomic Chair Pro are a blend of silver and white with some metal trim.

The back of the Ergonomic Chair Pro has a few distinctive design features that distinguish the chair from its office chair competitors. Most notably, a rubber-like white mesh material contours to the shape of the chair's frame and serves as a nice contrast to the red fabric. Looking at the chair from its front, the partially transparent fabric allows users to see the white backing making the overall look a bit more interesting. There are some silver accents on the headrest and around the mesh backing, but otherwise, there are no exposed metal parts until your eyes peek down at the wheelbase.

Some ergonomic chairs offer so many adjustments that it's intimidating to learn what all the levers and knobs are for. The FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro is customizable without requiring several study sessions to operate it. On the bottom of the chair, users will find a common knob for activating the gas lift and raising or lowering the chair. Adjacent to that control is a lever to slide the seat bottom forward and backward. Otherwise, there is no way to tilt the seat itself which you can find on some other expensive ergonomic chairs.

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On the opposite side of the black tilt mechanism, is another control to tilt the backrest up to 30 degrees, with a knob that can lock it in any position. The lack of adjustable lumber support reduces the number of knobs and levers somewhat. The 3D armrest and headrest are easily accessible, and I will cover how to adjust those parts below.

To avoid any disappointment right off the bat, the FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro is not a chair for lovers of plush memory foam often part of luxurious gaming chairs. Even the seat pan lacks any conventional cushion, so we had trepidations about how comfortable the chair would be. Fortunately, the mesh seat base was both supportive and a relief to press against after standing or walking for extended periods of time. Other mesh office chairs with foam seat cushions promise breathability through the bottom of the chair, but they can't possibly match the porous nature of Ergonomic Chair Pro's base.

The curved shape of the seat pan has an angle toward its front, akin to a waterfall-type design. With this gradual drop-off, hips, and legs stay pressed firmly to the seat base, and blood circulation is maintained longer than sitting on flat seat bottoms. Once properly adjusted to the preferred seat height and position, there should be little to no leg fatigue after long sessions. On the other hand, without thick foam, if you tend to sit cross-legged at times, it's not a very pleasant experience as your legs will feel the hard plastic beneath them.

In every part of the chair, the OC14 encourages users to maintain an ergonomically friendly position. Even so, gamers don't have to sit perfectly upright all day and night. Thanks to the 30-degree tilt of the back seat, users can recline far enough to relax after a long workday. For our purposes, we found that adjusting the tilt back slightly from the straightest position was the most comfortable for typing. The back has some slight give to it no matter the tilt angle but is anything but annoying as it makes little or no noise in the process.

One area where the Ergonomic Chair Pro may disappoint some buyers is the lack of any adjustable lumbar support. Most likely, the fact that the seat pan can move forward and back along with the various other adjustments also compensates for the lack of this feature.

While great in theory, adjustable armrests usually introduce some drawbacks. It's definitely an advantage to be able to slide armrests left and right and move them up and down, but often they too easily change positions. In the case of the Ergonomic Chair Pro, the 3D armrests thankfully don't wobble as much as some other chairs. A locking mechanism keeps the hardware at the desired height, and it takes a decent amount of force to slide them forward and back or tilt their angle. As far as how they feel, the armrests are devoid of any foam as well but have just enough cushioning to prevent elbow pain.

The adjustable headrest on the Ergonomic Chair Pro is easily raised or lowered by grabbing onto it and pulling with one hand.

The aluminum alloy wheelbase is another highlight of the OC14. Quite heavy compared to other components of the chair, the base is firm enough to keep the Ergonomic Chair Pro from moving voluntarily, while at the same time, the chair rolls around effortlessly with silent PU casters.

Strangely, FlexiSpot does not provide any suggested height or weight limits for the OC14. This is not a chair for big and tall gamers, but going by the maximum chair height of 49.61 inches, it's safe to say most buyers up to around 6'0" or just over will feel properly supported in the Ergonomic Chair Pro.

After several weeks of sitting in the FlexiSpot chair, we had few complaints about its quality and enjoyed how the chair's frame and seat pan hugged our lower bodies. The only time we missed having a leather or synthetic leather gaming chair was when touching the mesh fabric with bare skin. It's not unpleasant by any means, but the bumpy grate-like texture is not as pleasant as other smoother materials. Such is the cost of breathability. Even so, the OC14 feels stable enough to sit in for long periods of time, while at the same not overly heavy or complex to move around in or make adjustments.

FlexiSpot is not known for marketing its products toward gamers, but their standing desks like the Q8 have become increasingly popular platforms for PC rigs. Recently, companies like Logitech and Herman Miller have tried to remove the distinction between ergonomic office chairs and gaming chairs with products like the Embody Gaming Chair. Ergonomic office chairs can be even more expensive than luxury gaming chairs and offer a high level of comfort even without thick foam padding.

Despite not having the flashiness of a Secretlab or DXRacer chair, the FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro doesn't look out of place in most gaming rooms because of its modern styling. The black and gray color options in particular complement many desks, cases, keyboards, and mice. Still, there are no giant logos or racing stripes found on the OC14 that scream gamer. Ultimately, this ergonomic chair is aimed at buyers who split their time between gaming and office work or desire the breathable mesh construction most gaming chairs lack.

The FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro OC14 is designed with a refined seat structure and ergonomic features to deliver a comfortable and luxurious seating experience. Its back frame combines PU soft plastic and hard plastic, allowing the chair to automatically adjust the back support based on the user's body weight.The seat of the OC14 can be adjusted to accommodate users of different weights and heights, offering ideal support and seamlessly conforming to the individual's body. Additionally, this chair boasts a novel armrest design and incorporates handrail elevation controls.

At its currently reduced price point, the FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro presents a generous amount of comfort and adjustability. Without any foam cushioning blocking airflow on its seat bottom or seat back, it's a dream chair for any gamer who lives in a hot climate. Boasting 3D armrests, a reclining seat back, and a seat pan that slides forward and back, the OC14 accommodates a wide range of users. The solid base of the chair rolls around this modestly-sized chair with ease and is representative of a build quality worthy of investing in.

The FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro does not feel like a cheap office chair, so it's somewhat surprising that the company only offers a 1-year warranty on the OC14. There is quite a bit of hard plastic used in its construction, but so far there are no signs of armrests or other parts creaking or coming loose. Besides the substandard instructions, the only minor quibble I have with the chair are some loose threads that have largely disappeared since assembling it. The Ergonomic Chair Pro has been out in the wild for a while now, without many reports of longevity issues, but if any problems arise we will update this review in the future.

If the FlexiSpot Ergonomic Chair Pro is lacking a feature or two that are dealbreakers for you, there are some alternatives among both office chairs and gaming chairs. The Autonomous ErgoChair Pro is a somewhat higher-priced chair with a similar style and adjustability as the OC14. Some key differences include adjustable lumbar support which the Autonomous chair has. Also, the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro is a heavier chair at 65 lbs, with a cushioned seat that will please fans of foam.

Herman Miller is considered the premier manufacturer of office chairs by most workers and experts. Although many of their ergonomic chairs cost $1000 or more, to cater to gamers with a little less spare cash, the Logitech-approved Vantum is their most affordable gaming chair. The Vantum keeps gamers ready to respond to approaching enemies with an active, forward-leaning alignment.

For a similar asking price as the FlexiSpot OC14, the Razer Iskur X is a premium but more budget-friendly version of the company's standard Iskur gaming chair. The Iskur X also lacks adjustable lumbar support but otherwise includes the same type of customization with a multi-layered synthetic leather exterior.

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro


Herman Miller Vantum


Razer Iskur X


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Most premium gaming chairs have ergonomic qualities. Compared to cheaper office chairs, ergonomic chairs have a backrest that accommodates the shape of a spine and are more comfortable sitting in for long periods of time. Ergonomic gaming chairs also commonly offer additional lumbar support and adjustable arm rests.

Office chairs are designed to be lightweight, durable, and able to support a specific person every day. Desk chairs (also called task chairs) are much more industrial and are designed for public spaces such as libraries and schools; they tend to have much less padding and fewer features than office chairs or gaming chairs.

Yes, absolutely, gaming chairs are an excellent add-on for your office needs. There are multiple options that are not too flashy or too distracting and allow users to benefit from both, excellent build quality and gaming-specific features and add-ons such as neck pillows.

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