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Nov 24, 2023

Now's the time to update your furniture

Hey Fremont County! It’s me, Shane over at Gamble’s in Lander. Guess what?! We

Hey Fremont County! It's me, Shane over at Gamble's in Lander.

Guess what?! We can finally reliably say we aren't going to see any sn*w for awhile!! I have to be honest, I feel as relieved as a 5-year-old hitting the Waltman rest area after saying "I don't have to go" in Shoshoni.

That's serious relief, my friends 🙂

With all the bad weather, I spent more time sitting on my duff this winter than I have for a long time. I started watching that Netflix show "Wednesday" at one point – I just love the Addams Family, people call me Lurch sometimes….I don't really get it….

Anyway, the point is, I watched a lot of tv. I ate a lot of snacks. I dreamt a lot of dreams. And while I did that, and the snow came down, I kinda wore out "my spot" on the couch.

Somebody spilt something sticky on a chair. It won't unstick either…

I realized I needed to swap out my furniture for something new. It's time.

How about you? You need to "Swap It Out"?

Slow build music….

This is where the dancing merry men of Gamble's come out and sing our own rendition of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" but we change the words to "Swap It Out"…… I’ll just leave that image riiiiight there 😉

You guessed it! It's time for another goofy gimmick that gives me an excuse to mark stuff down and give stuff away. Ya gotta have a gimmick, right? I mean, if I did commercials as lurch from the Addam's Family, no one would ever buy furniture from me.

So, buy LOCAL and have some fun at Gamble's in Lander throughout all of June AND July!! It's Gamble's Swap It Out Sale!!

(This is where you should hear "The players gonna play play play play, the haters gonna hate hate hate hate…. I’m just gonna swap swap swap swap SWAP IT OUT! SWAP IT OUT!…. Thanks, Tay Tay!)

Here's how it works….

We’ll randomly draw THREE big winners!

First Place: A 100% full refund on the purchase price of the upholstered furniture you bought (up to $10,000).

Second Place: 50% refund on the purchase price of the upholstered furniture.

Third Place: Wednesday Addams doesn't like hugs, but Lurch always seemed pretty emotive….. Third Place is a high five from me!!

That's it…. You know that decrepit old thing in your living room needs to move out like your college bound kiddo. Instead of renovating the kid's room into a gym………*whispers* buy furniture instead 😉

See you all through June and July! Oh, and wait….. You can only enter once. I was just thinking that my wife would come in and buy an ottoman, then a chair, then a section of the sectional, all to get more entries. Everyone get's one equal chance to win their refund!

See you all soon!

Gambles on Main Street in Lander – remember delivery is always FREE within 30 miles of the store….which INCLUDES Riverton!




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