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Apr 29, 2023

30 Lounge Chairs Cozy Enough to Nap On

"Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on some items through

"Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on some items through these links."

For some unexplained reason, sofas tend to get all the glory when it comes to cozy living room seating. Well, not anymore. We set out to find the comfiest chairs that will rival any luxury sofa—no matter how plush, so if you’re working with a small space and don't have room for a traditional three-seater couch or you just want to fill out your living area with a big, cushy chair, consider this your guide.

Ahead, we rounded up our favorite 30 comfy chairs, which may sound like a lot, but think about the sheer amount of chairs—accent chairs, armchairs, and swivel chairs, to name a few—there are on the market. Most of them are average at best, which made finding these ones that reign supreme a bit of a challenge. Luckily, we were up for it.

From a rust-colored low-profile option that features four pillows attached to a barely-there frame to a Scandinavian-inspired design that features removable cushions and slipcovers, there are a few options to consider before clicking "add to cart." A few of the comfy chairs on our list are in the homes of some House Beautiful editors, so if you’re curious about which ones are our personal favorites, you’ll have to keep reading to find out. All we’ll say is that they’ve stood the test of time, both in terms of durability and style. In fact, with a few trendy exceptions, most of the picks on our list are timeless classics you’ll love as much in a few years as you do now. Go ahead, get cozy!

Albany Park is the kind of brand that makes shopping for essential pieces, like comfy chairs, fun. Here's why: You know when you're on a site with such an enormous inventory, you almost forget what you're even looking for? Albany Park doesn't do that. Instead, the husband-and-wife duo designed five perfect lounge chairs that take all of the stress out of sorting through thousands of nearly identical models. Our personal favorite is the Park, which comes in eight colors and two leg finishes. Of course, the velvet in Rust paired with gold-toned legs is our top pick. What makes it so comfy is the high-resiliency foam wrapped in feathers, so prepare to sit on what we can only imagine clouds feel like.

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Park Armchair



We're never going to pass up style for comfort, and this affordable find (read: under $200) combines both. It also comes in multiple colors, shapes, and functions. Wondering about that last one? Allow us to explain: You can get this as a traditional comfy chair, a high-back armchair, or a rocking chair. The first two may not do much, but rocking chairs are extremely soothing. That said, if you're not in the market for a rocking chair, opt for the classic accent chair style. The cushions and the covers are removable for easy cleaning, so feel free to go bold and get this chair in white.

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Accent Chair



You can already tell that this Frontgate find is so comfy just by looking at it. The back is upholstered and stuffed, but the star of the show is the seat cushion, which is filled with high-density foam, fiberfill, and a polyester wrap featuring feathers and down. It may look like it'd be firm because it's overstuffed, but trust us, you'll sink right in. "I have sat in this chair for so long that I completely lost track of time," Associate Shopping Editor Jessica Cherner admits. "I wasn't expecting it to be comfortable because the arms are metal and on the thin side, but the chair itself is quite possibly the most cozy I've ever sat on." Though we love the jacquard pattern, feel free to get it upholstered in any of the brand's 100 fabrics.

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Burton Accent Chair



A chair doesn't have to be huge to be cozy. Case in point: this Everly Quinn find that's just 28 inches tall. We'll admit that it's a bit more firm than the previous options on our list, but the curved back that wraps around feels like a hug. We'd either snag two and put them in the living room opposite the sofa or just get one to create a reading nook in the bedroom. It comes in five other hues, so opt for the one that matches your space best.

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Jura Wide Lounge Chair



As far as we're concerned, a chair and a half is still a chair. It's like a loveseat, but only meant for one person, so feel free to hog the whole thing. Grab it in performance fabric, leather, or linen, which is pictured here. Did we mention that it's Maiden Home's deepest, softest seat? Sold.

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The Dune Chair and a Half



Round mattresses are definitely a slightly sleazy design trend of the 90s that we are not trying to bring back, but round comfy chairs are a different story. To get a sense of the sheer size of the massive Kalia Media lounger that swivels, peep the other photos on Lulu and Georgia's site. The best part, though? It comes with all of the matching cushions pictured (excluding the patterned ones in front.)

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Kaila Media Lounger



This cozy, striped armchair is cottagecore at its finest. If you want to go the extra mile, grab it in blue linen stripes. Otherwise, this affordable find is just as stylish and versatile in the beige stripes pictured. The silver nail head trim doesn't hurt either.

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Jaya Accent Chair



We love a sculptural chair that isn't just there for decoration. Take this Homary accent piece, for instance. The cushioning, which coverers the seat, arms, and back, is super dense, putting it on the firmer side of the comfy scale, but still extremely cozy. Get it in this forrest green color or opt for something a bit quieter, like white or gray. We're feeling the green, though—especially if your living room is already neutral in tone.

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Japandi Boucle Accent Chair



We couldn't not include an outdoor chair on our list—especially since it's nearly summer. It's made of an all-weather wicker and designed for durability, so there's no need to be too careful with it. In fact, feel free to leave it out in the rain. If you want to protect the cushion, which comes in five colors, snag one of the outdoor furniture covers that Outer makes specifically for this armless chair.

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Wicker Outdoor Armless Chair



"I have two of these and love them," Cherner says. "I mostly got them for the aesthetic (I actually ordered them online without ever having sat in them), and was shocked to learn how comfortable they are." The cushions are plush micro-down sewn into down-proof ticking, so you know they're some of the coziest chairs on the list. Get them in any of the 40-something fabrics, including a few from Perennials. Just know that if you opt for any of the made-to-order chairs, you'll be waiting about 10 weeks. "It's worth it," Cherner insists.

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Bleeker Swivel Chair



This $300 accent chair is all about the cushions—or should we say pillows? Both the seat and back cushions are filled with a made of a seven-inch thick, high-density sponge material that is as plush as it looks. The covers are also both removable, so in the case of spills, feel free to simply unzip and toss them in the wash. As for the cushions themselves, those are also removable for easy plumping and fluffing in the vent they go a bit flat. If you want to go for serious comfort, opt for the matching ottoman as well.

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Modern Accent Chair



Shearling chairs arrived with a bang on the design scene back in 1970s Scandinavia and haven't really gone anywhere since. Though the silhouettes have adapted to a slightly more contemporary approach to living, the original hygge vibes are still there. As you may be able to tell, it's a subtly modified and petite version of the classic, and sometimes huge, wingback, making it the perfect size to tuck into a nook.

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Hart Upholstered Armchair



From the enameled serving platters to the oversized furniture, MacKenzie-Childs is a lot, so if you consider yourself a maximalist and want your living area to really go there, this chair will become an instant favorite. Nearly every part of it—the seat cushion, the back of the frame, and the front of the frame, are upholstered in different velvet patterned fabrics, all of which are moody and jewel-toned. If the general feel of this chair seems a bit familiar, it's probably because the design team turned to Old Masters paintings for inspiration.

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Moonlight Garden Off the Record Chair



This woven rattan chair may not look like it would be extremely comfortable, but you don't always need plush, thick cushions to create a comfy seat. This Cane-line piece is the perfect example. It's more about the shape than the padding (or lack thereof). Both the seat and the back are sloped in such a way that the only way to not strain your back and neck is to lean back, and what's more comfortable than that?

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Curve Lounge Chair



We've mentioned classic wingbacks in this list without actually showing one of our favorites, such as this West Elm find. Here's the thing about wingbacks: They first emerged in Europe throughout the 1720s to accommodate the voluminous outfits, but they made a much-welcomed return at the start of the midcentury modern era, which is where West Elm comes in. Most of its pieces, from the bed frames to the accessories, are inspired by the beloved design movement that still reigns around the world.

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Lucia Wing Chair



Not only is this lounge chair and ottoman set highly durable, waterproof, and easy to clean, but it also reclines, making it one of the most comfy chairs on the list. It comes in four colors, but we're partial to the sea-inspired dark cyan velvet pictured. The storage pocket may not directly contribute to the comfort level of this chair set, but it does limit how often you'll have to get up to grab your book, remote, or cell phone, so it counts in our book.

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Behudin Lounge Chair and Ottoman



We love how literal the name of this Floyd find is. After all, we can't think of anything more appropriate than the sink down because that's exactly what happens when you take a seat. The memory foam and blown fiber cushions were designed to make you feel like you’re sinking into a cloud. It's big enough for two, but we recommend taking it for yourself to maximize the coziness. Because they're made to order, you may have to wait up to 10 weeks to receive your new lounge chair.

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Sink Down Lounge Chair



Leather? Check. Swivel? Check. Recline? Check. This super-smooth leather chair from Pottery Barn really does combine the best of armchairs, swivel chairs, and reclining chairs, giving us the ultimate comfy chair. It's a best-seller for a reason, and we think it has something to do with the fact that it's highly customizable, from the base finish to the fabric.

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Wells Tufted Leather Swivel Recliner



Castlery's Adams armchair is surrounded by fluffy cushions on all sides, including the two just inside the arm rests. The seat, though, is what makes it so comfy—even though it looks a bit unassuming and easy to overlook. It's filled with foam, fiber, and pocket springs, giving you that sink-in feel while still being supported for hours on end. For this particular chair, we'd actually suggest shying away from throw pillows because it will hugely hinder your ability to lean back, letting your back relax.

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Adams Armchair



Even if you're not a big DIY person, you'll be able to handle the assembly of this chair. In fact, it doesn't require any tools to put together. It features deep seats, plush cushions, and a premium polyester fabric, but the best part is that it's part of a collection, so if you move into a bigger space and want to opt for an à la carte set, you can.

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Field 2-Piece Lounger



Like the MacKenzie-Childs pick, this Anthropologie accent chair is covered in a bold and eye-catching fabric that's super soft-to-the-touch. The seat, which is filled with foam and fiber, features a spring suspension, so as soon as you get up, it will bounce back to its original shape. The back and arms are also filled with foam, so no matter where you lean, you'll be met with coziness.

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Velvet Tanya Petite Accent Chair



Inspired by Soho House's members-only outpost in Dumbo, Brooklyn, this blush-toned velvet loveseat features padded armrests, an FSC-certified ply wood frame, turned walnut legs, and fiber-wrapped foam cushions. It's also handmade in North Carolina, which, according to House Beautiful's director of special projects Carisha Swanson, is where most of the luxury seating is made. "It's really about the fill they are using," she notes.

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Reya Loveseat



This plush green chair-and-a-half looks like something we'd find in the library of a centuries-old estate in the French countryside, and we're all about it. In fact, its sweeping flared arms that extend past the seat reference 18th- and 19th-century French furniture. The clean and simple lines coupled with the deep, however, give it a more modern feel. If you're not into the green, it comes in 22 colors and fabrics. We'd suggest going for a color over a neutral, which may make the chair easy to miss.

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Vailer Chair-And-a-Half



Arhaus pieces are often exorbitantly expensive, so imagine our delight and surprise when we happened upon this faux fur armchair for less than $400. The fact that it's black makes it look like a chair-shaped bear, which we're totally down for. The Snugg is also generously filled with a poly-fiber blend across every inch of the frame, so no matter where you put your weight, you'll be greeted with a cozy surprise.

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Snug Faux Fur Chair



This is a deceptively comfortable accent chair, courtesy of the overstuffed cushions that attach to the oak frame. It may be named for a city in California, but this design is all about Shaker-style-meets-Danish Modern. You may not be able to tel from the photo, but unlike the traditional L that the seat and back make, these ones from a V, allowing you to really lean into the relaxed shape.

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Ojai Wood Frame Accent Chair



Founded by Italian furniture maker Antonio Tacchini in 1967, the Tacchini brand is still manufacturing reproductions of its most popular pieces, including the Sesann sofa, which made its debut in 1971. It may be simple, but all design enthusiasts can instantly recognize that iconic structural tubular metal frame that wraps around the soft, voluminous cushions. Get it in any of the 61 fabric options, including this cognac-toned vegan leather.

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Sesann Sofa



If Crate & Barrel knows one thing, it's how to craft an extremely comfy chair. The Costes is available in myriad fabrics, but the designers at C&B recommend going with any of the chenilles, which just add to the coy feel of the oversized chair. Yes, the pillows are included. Because each chair is specifically made for each customer, they don't ship until at least six weeks post-order.

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Costes Oversized Armchair



Just barely over $200, this armchair and ottoman are so pillow-heavy that you almost don't even see the black metal legs and arms. Did we mention that it reclines too? It also comes in black, but we think the gray color pictured looks a bit lighter in terms of aesthetics. Such a bulky chair upholstered in black may be a bit too heavy for a residential living room.

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Accent Chair with Ottoman



We were a bit surprised to find such a luxurious comfy chair for less than $350 at West Elm, but we're not mad about it. Available in three colors, the Penn chair is lofted atop dark metal legs, which give it a more sophisticated feel than the glamorous gold-toned alternative. The slightly curved arms and a roomy seat make it so comfortable.

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Penn Chair



You can tell how comfortable this Magic Home chair is just by looking at it. It's basically four overstuffed pillows attached to an upholstered base. What's more, the velvet is stain-resistant, so feel free to enjoy your favorite beverages (maybe skip the red wine just to be safe) and snacks here.

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Modern Chenille Armchair



Relaxing is as much as state of mind as it is a physical sensation, so if you're looking for a chair that's ideal for feeling relaxed, opt for something plush. You don't necessarily need a super-soft cushion—especially if you have a bad back and need some support—you just need something with the right cushioning. Anything filled with down, feather-wrapped fiber, or memory foam will work. Second, snag a chair with a gentle recline.

Everything from padded armrests to down-filled cushions make for a good lounge chair. After all, lounge chairs are specifically designed to be comfortable.

The House Beautiful shopping editors are on a never-ending mission to find the most comfortable chairs on the market, so when we rounded up our top picks (so far), we considered every style, price, and size.

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