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Jul 11, 2023

27 Things From Amazon With Such Great Reviews

We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but

We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

Only the most useful Amazon finds ever. And they've got the reviews to prove it.

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A wood floor polish to make your dull, scuffed-up hardwood floors look brand new again. All you need to do is apply the solution, use a mop to spread it around, and wait 30 minutes before getting those fuzzy socks out to slide across your shiny new floors.

A freestanding hammock that everyone in your household will fight over the second it's assembled. Put it in your backyard, on the balcony, or heck, in the middle of the living room; it'll be the new best seat in the house.

A roll-out storage caddy to maximize the space under your sink. It has adjustable dividers so you can fit in all your cleaning supplies and it even has a removable hanging basket for small extras such as sponges.

Promising review: "These hooks are well-made and sturdy. They are perfect for holding my purse and my car coats! So much better than my coats being tossed on the floor and being walked on. They also hold my purse out of the way but still within reach, and a trash bag! Best investment I’ve made. I purchased two more sets, one for my husband's car and one for my son's car." —Lori Choman

Price: $6.99 (available in seven colors)

Promising review: "I love them. So cute and helped me stay organized on my trip. I just removed the cubes from my luggage and put them in the closet at the villa I stayed in. I'm going to order some more!" —Lisa Lewis

Price: $19.99+ (available in 13 colors)

Promising review: "Super sturdy and solid. By using the included padding it fits the door perfectly. I use this to hold my backpack and hoodies in my office. Works perfectly." —Andy

Price: $16.99+ (available in six colors and in a two-pack)

Promising review: "Hands down, this is the best hammock ever. It's comfy, holds a lot of weight & multiple people, is breathable, and easy to put together & take apart. Buy it! You won't regret it." —Lady Divane

Price: $69.99+ (available in 38 colors and

Promising review: "10/10 would recommend!! I have never felt so confident and comfortable before, definitely buying in more colors!" —Haley

Price: $37.99 (available in sizes S–XXL and in 35 colors)

Promising review: "I love this under the sink storage solution. It fits perfect under the sink and is easy to setup and use. The quality is study and holds a lot of items. So much easier to reach the items in the back of the sink." —Sarah O.

Price: $29.99 (available in three designs)

Promising review: "I have a small laundry room with a door that houses the hot water heater and furnace and this is perfect to hang on the door. Shirts go directly from the dryer to this hanger. I love it. It's very convenient and space-saving." —Mezzaforte

Price: $19.99+ (available in three colors)

Promising review: "This stuff is really easy to put on and adds a shine to hardwood floors that makes them look new. My mother-in-law came over the morning after I did my floors with this, and she jumped onto the mat because she thought the floors were wet. Absolutely fabulous. We even used it on a piece of wooden furniture that had lost its luster." —Suzanne DeRosa

Price: $14.48 (also available in a two and six-pack)

Promising review: "Best deal and sturdy... wash well with hot soapy water." —Susan J.

Price: $23.38

Promising review: "This is a great little organizer. Love that you can adjust the rack to accommodate different size pans." —LindaW

Price: $19.99

Promising review: "This has to be the best swimsuit I have ever bought! I live at the beach and have bought many swimsuits my whole life and this one has impressed me. The fabric sits high on your hips and on the sides of your body. It made my normal "box" figure into an hourglass look. I do recommend going a size up from what you normally wear." —Jenna

Price: $26.99+ (available in sizes S–XL and in 27 colors)

Promising review: "Awesome product! I air dry a lot of clothing and also resell online and needed something small that wouldn't take up any space that could hold multiple clothing pieces and this fit the bill! Fits perfectly on my standard size door and doesn't move at all. I've filled every space with heavy and wet clothing, along with doubling the capacity and this thing hasn't shown any signs of breaking. Folds down easily when not in use and the price can't be beat. I'm buying at least two more! I use thin, flocked hangers, but standard, plastic hangers also fit." —MomOfBoys

Price: $29.99

Promising review: "Super easy to install, much sturdier than we imagined. Fairly easy to assemble. Hooks work great for hanging items up like wash clothes or Norwex products after rinsing. Bought three and they work great in our laundry room." —Amazon Customer

Price: $19.99+ (available in six colors)

Promising review: "Great quality and brightness for the cost! Screwed to trex deck boards with no issues." —Katie

Price: $39.99 (available in two colors and also in a 20-pack)

Promising review: "I was iffy on this and saw many others just like it...but my couch and sweater really needed it. The minute I used it on my sweater, it already looked so much better. My couch wasn't too bad to begin with, but already looks almost brand new. I recommend this 100%!" —Crystal Couvelle

Price: $12.97+ (available in five designs and four styles)

Promising review: "For the price this product can't be beat. Looks like glass but is actually shatterproof plastic. I want to buy one in each color now to match my outfits. 😄 Who said hydration couldn't look cool! ❤️" —M_C

Price: $11.99+ (available in seven colors)

Promising review: "Not a single complaint. These are what I needed and at a price I was happy with and they have lids, perfect for teenagers helping in the kitchen no more half on half off foil or press and seal." —Jkent08

Price: $39.99+ (available in two colors)

Promising review: "These deodorizer balls really work! I placed one at the bottom of my kitchen trash bin, one in my laundry hamper, and one inside my car. The odor was taken away in all three areas, especially the kitchen trash bin, which had a lingering odor, even after the trash was removed. I used to spray some disinfectant spray into the bottom of the trash bin to eliminate the odor. That worked, but only temporarily. After I added one of these deodorizer balls, the odor was completely gone and hasn't returned yet. So far, it's been over the two-month period stated on the package, and they still seem to be working. They also give off a mild, pleasant scent." —RS

Price: $5.98 (also available in a two, six and a 10-pack)

Promising review: "This carousel organizes my tea bags to show me what I actually have to choose from for a tea selection. Plus, it looks nice on my countertop." —dhoffman

Price: $18.99

Promising review: "I spilled pomegranate juice on a white top, put the solution, and it turned it blue, I scrubbed the solution in and rinsed and applied again, and now, the top is white. Have used on grease stains and other red stains, works great!" —Renee

Price: $13.49+ (available in three formulas)

Promising review: "I absolutely love this knife block! I got it a few years ago and it's still going strong. The knives are good quality, and the block is sturdy. I even got an extra knife in my order!" —Gina

Price: $24.50 (also available in a nine and 18-piece set)

Promising review: "Love it! Lights up my patio like starlight at night, so cozy and inviting. Offers protection from the sun, but doesn't block the sunlight." —Judi

Price: $79.99 (available in 15 colors)

Promising review: "A friend recommended this set. It was easy to assemble and looks just like the picture. It looks great on my front porch. My favorite part is I can actually rock in the chairs. At under 5’ I can't often rock in rockers, but these work well for me." —LiSim

Price: $139.99+ (available in three colors)

Promising review: "I have the Dooney & Bourke Mary Poppins bag, and the bag was a great size being a mom of three to hold all of the necessities I needed, but things would get mixed up and messed up, and I would have to dump my bag to find what I needed. This bag has so many pockets, and I can find things quickly and easily without having to dump my bag. Was by far the best purchase I’ve made." —Missy

Price: $15.82+ (available in five sizes and 24 colors)

Promising review: "Super light weight and easy to put together. Love that they made it so you can keep it on the floor or hang it on the wall." —Kristin

Price: $29.99 (available in two colors)

Promising review: "I just received my jars - all well packed with the best labels!! Jars are a perfect size with an easy to remove pour-shaker top. They are heavy (meaning quality glass) and a great size. What I can't get over are the LABELS!! There is a label for just about every food item you can think of! There are black ones & blank black ones with a pen to write your special spice's name on it. Then there are white ones with the same names as the black labels. And the funnel is collapsible! This whole package was total quality and for $25 bucks, heck the labels would cost that much alone!" —Terry

Price: $24.99 (available in three sizes)

Promising review: "Absolutely love this charger! I love that the charging cords are attached along with the charger to charge the device itself. It can charge many devices before recharging." —stacy

Price: $30.75+ (available in six colors)

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.